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[Jan. 14th, 2011|01:26 am]
love in 8bit


Nowadays most gamers who play console videogames are subject to buying
and selling their videogames in stores that accept their second-hand games.
Some stores have extremely high prices for new games and extremely low
valuations for the used games that are sold by the gamers.


Usually kids who live in the same area have no other chance but buying
and selling games at the local store - a typical monopoly
situation. Moreover, just as often, kids who live in the same street
and go to the same local store don't know each other.


http://www.GainStop.com was born to create a social, disintermediated
market for users who play videogames. In other words GainStop was born
to offer a chance: the chance to bypass the store and trade videogames
directly with each other. It's really an old idea, but GainStop
implements it in a new way by offering to gamers the same logistic
support that corporations use to find the best places in which they can
open new stores: a geographic information system (GIS).


It's very simple: every GainStop member has a list of games that he
wants to share and a list of games that he wants to get. When these
lists are geotagged, they become available on the map. It's a
geotagged barter system. GainStop members can locate their favourite
games on the map, get in touch with each other, and exchange their
videogames without selling them and investing money. In this way they
can renew their collection of games for free.


  • the disintermediation of the market of preowned/used videogames;
  • transforming "selling" into "geotagged fair exchange"
  • re-starting the local-area relationships (knowing the people who
    live in your street, and in your block)
  • reduction of piracy by incentivizing the exchange

    You can sign up only via invite, so if you're interested either write me a message or your email address so that I could send the invite to you.
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